Faux plants.

Styling with faux plants

Artificial or not. Faux plants are no longer a no..no… in styling. Invest in a good quality faux plant. It will almost be impossible to tell if there are the real thing or not…

They are perfect for dark corners or you can mix & match them with the real thing. If you are lucky enough to own a summerhouse or a holiday home they are a must.

If you dont like the pot (which most times are a rather unattractive plastic pot) that comes attached to the faux plants. You just remove it or change in favor of a more attractive option. This will upgrade the look and make them look even more real. If the faux plants are glued to the generic vase you might have to use a bit of force to remove the vase. Alternatively you will have to cut the vase to remove it.  Pour sand or use dry oasis to keep the plant in space in the new pot or vase.

Remember to give your faux plants a regular wipe-down to keep a layer of dust from giving away all your secrets. Change the container now and then or move it to a new spot, and it should last you almost a lifetime…

In cooporation with http://www.brondsholm.dk

Place a faux plant or grass in a corner. It will give you an instant cosy feel.

Olive trees are a favorite plant of mine, but they are so hard to keep alive indoor. Luckily you can buy a faux version. This faux olive tree looks so real and is the perfect match for your work top.